Stage 1   Westkapelle - Westkapelle
Start 16:30hour
Finish 19:00hour


Stage 2   Tholen - Hoogerheide
Start 11:30hour
Finish 16:00hour


Stage 3   Buchten - Buchten
Start 11:15hour
Finish 16:20hour


Stage 4   Hotel Verviers - La Gileppe (Jalhay)
Start 12:30hour
Finish 17:20hour


Stage 5   Oss - Oss
Start 11:30hour
Finish 15:45hour


Route map


Directions to the start



Uitslag Stage classification

Stage classification

11Roglic, PrimozTLJ8:04.37
216Kittel, MarcelQST8:07.67+3.30
311Schachmann, MaximilianQST8:07.85+3.48

Uitslag Overall individual classification

Overall individual classification

11Roglic, PrimozTeam LottoNL-Jumbo8:04
216Kittel, MarcelQuick Step Floors8:07+0:03
311Schachmann, MaximilianQuick Step Floorsz.t.
443Andersen, Soren KraghTeam Sunweb8:11+0:07
52Roosen, TimoTeam LottoNL-Jumbo8:12+0:08

Uitslag Points classification

Points classification

11Roglic, Primoz15
216Kittel, Marcel12
311Schachmann, Maximilian10

Uitslag Sprint classification
There are currently no results in the category Sprint classification.

Drager van de Gele Petten


Strijdlustigste renner (Wim Jeremiasseprijs)


Route schedule

CityRoute descriptionTo finish(km)From start (km)Time
Prov Zeeland start van af Markt 7,5 0,0 16:30
Westkapelle ew the left Markt 7,5 0,0
Gem Veere kr (Smidstr) Zuidstr N287 7,4 0,1
T-kr (de Baan) Zuidstr N287 7,3 0,2
kr (Dreefje) Zuidstr N287 7,2 0,3
sit in bocht the left Kerkeweg 7,0 0,5
Drempel Kerkeweg 7,0 0,5
T-kr (Noordkerkepad) Kerkeweg 7,0 0,5
T-kr (Torenstr) Kerkeweg 6,9 0,6
T-kr (Huijgensstr) Kerkeweg 6,8 0,7
2x Drempel Kerkeweg 6,7 0,8
T-kr Drempel re.aanh-to the right Noordweg 6,6 0,9
T-kr Drempel (Jan Campertstr) Noordweg 6,4 1,1
y-spl re.aanh-to the right Noordweg 6,3 1,2
ew the left Hogeweg 5,8 1,7
T-kr (Noordweg) Hogeweg 5,8 1,7
T-kr the right Slaakweg 5,4 2,1
T-kr the left K. de Vosweg 4,9 2,6
T-kr the right Jan Moensweg 4,7 2,8
ew the left Schoneweg 4,0 3,5
ew the left Baaiweg 3,9 3,6
voorkr (N287) Baaiweg 3,6 3,9
weg li.aanh-to the left is boven dijk vlg Noorderhoofdweg 3,3 4,2
Drempel Noorderhoofdweg 2,9 4,6
Drempel Noorderhoofdweg 2,3 5,2
sit in bocht the left Direct ew voorw the right Zeedijk 1,6 5,9
T-kr N287 Zeedijk naar 0,8 6,7
Westkapelle Zeedijk 0,7 6,8
Afleiding Plg 1e weg the left Rookstr ew the right Koestr 0,2 7,3
Finish Thv Kasteel van Batavia 0,0 7,5
Abraham Calandplein 0,0 7,5 19:00


There is currently no information


Deze etappe bevat geen bergsprints en puntensprints.

Side events


Woensdag 14 Juni


13.00 clinic verzorgt door BikeWize Loopfiets, MTB en Crossfiets

13.00 Clinic VVN Senioren

13.00 Proloog Recreanten


Kasteel van Batavia

Finish Locatie

13.00 Dikke banden race lagere school jeugd

13.00 Proloog Recreanten.




Click here to dowload the regulation


REGULATIONS STER ZLM TOER   GP Jan van Heeswijk 2017



ARTICLE 1. Organisation

The Ster ZLM Toer GP Jan van Heeswijk is organised by Stichting Wielerbelang Schijndel under the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI) in category 2.1. and will take place from Wednesday 14 June until Sunday 18 June 2017 over 5 stages.


ARTICLE 2. Participation


The Ster ZLM Toer GP Jan van Heeswijk is open to UCI World teams, UCI Pro Continental teams and UCI Continental teams, and National teams pursuant to article 2.1.005 of the UCI regulations. The minimum number of riders per team is 5 and the maximum number of riders per team is 8 pursuant to article 2.2.003 of the UCI regulations.


The following UCI points are allocates:

Each stage

Position Points

1             7

2            3

3            1


For the leader in the overall individual classification each stage:

Position Points

  • 1


For the overall individual final classification:

Position             Points

1            40

2            30

3            25

4            20

5            15

6            10

7            5

8            3

9            3

10          3


ARTICLE 3. Race headquarters


The race headquarters will be open on Wednesday 14 June from 9.30 hours until 21.00 hours.


Race numbers, frame plate and transponders may be collected between 10.15 hours and 11.45 hours by licence-holders representing the teams, Café Restaurant Kasteel van Batavia, Zuidstraat 143, 4361 AH Westkapelle, telephone number +31(0)653410742.


The team managers' meeting, organised in accordance with article 1.2.087 of the UCI regulations, in the presence of the Members of the Commissaires’ Panel, is scheduled for 12.00 hours at Café Restaurant Kasteel van Batavia, Zuidstraat 143, 4361 AH Westkapelle,

telephone number +31(0)653410742.


The stage schedule of STER ZLM TOER GP Jan van Heeswijk is as follows:

Wednesday 14 June        1st stage Westkapelle (prologue)                                   7.5 km

Thursday 15 June            2nd stage Tholen - Hoogerheide                                     186 km

Friday 16 June                3rd  stage Buchten – Buchten                                        209 km

Saturday 17 June            4th  stage Hotel Verviers - La Gileppe (Jalhay)(Bel.)        186 km

Sunday 18 June              5th stage Oss –Oss                                                       181 km


ARTICLE 4. Radio Tour


Race information will be broadcast on the "Radio Tour" frequency 155.01250 MHz.


ARTICLE 5. Overall individual classification


Pursuant to article 2.6.015 of the UCI regulations, this classification is determined after each eligible stage by calculating the total of the times per stage, reduced by time bonuses and possibly increased by imposed individual penalties in time per rider. Time compensations will be awarded to the riders who occupy the places 1, 2 and 3 in the day’s classification. The compensation amounts to 10, 6 and 4 seconds respectively for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th stage.  No time bonuses are awarded in the prologue. The seconds won in the premium sprints also count. In case of equal time in the overall individual classification, the fractions of the seconds registered during the time trials (including the prologue) will be taken into account in the total time in order to be able to make a distinction between the riders with equal times. If this classification is also equal, the total of the classifications obtained in the various stages will be used to distinguish between the riders. If the latter is the case, the classification obtained in the last stage will be decisive.

The rider who leads in the overall individual classification is obliged to wear the ZLM yellow leader’s jersey made available by the organisation.


ARTICLE 6. Mountain classification


The mountain classification is to be contested over the climbs in the 3rd and 4th stage, stated in the route book, which apply for this classification.


The following points are allocated for each category:


1st category climbs: (in Belgium 4th stage)

- to the 1st: 6 points

- to the 2nd: 4 points

- to the 3rd: 2 points



2nd category climbs: (3rd stage)

  • to the 1st: 3 points
  • to the 2nd: 2 points
  • to the 3rd: 1 point


An overall classification will be drawn up by totalling the points scored on all of the climbs counting for the mountain classification. The rider who leads in the overall mountain classification is obliged to wear the NEFKENS polka dot leader’s jersey made available by the organisation.


In accordance with article 2.6.017 of the UCI regulations, in the event of a tie in the overall individual classification of the mountain classification, the following criteria will be applied until the tie is broken:


  1. Number of first places in the highest category climbs
  2. Number of first places on climbs in the next highest category, etc.
  3. Final overall individual classification by time.


To receive the prizes for the overall classification, each competitor must have completed the whole course of the race within the time limits set by the regulations.


ARTICLE 7. Sprint classification


In the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and  5th stage there are two flying sprints. The first three classified riders are awarded 3, 2 and 1 point(s) per sprint respectively, as well as 3, 2 and 1 second(s) time compensation, which will be counted in the overall individual classification. The daily sprint classification is obtained by adding up the awarded points per rider. The overall sprint classification is determined by the total of obtained points over the ridden stages. In case of an equal amount of points the order will be determined by means of the last ridden surge. The rider who leads in the overall individual sprint classification is obliged to wear the PIELS white leader’s jersey made available by the organisation.


ARTICLE 8. Points classification


A points classification is drawn up based on the following points awardances at the end of each stage (including the individual time trial). Awardances: for the riders 1 up to and including 10 in all stages 15‑ 12‑ 10‑ 8‑ 6‑ 5‑ 4‑ 3‑ 2‑ 1 points respectively.

In case of classification at the same place, the points available will be divided among the equally classified riders, rounded down. The rider who leads in the overall individual points classification is obliged to wear the PROVINCIE TRUI red leader’s jersey made available by the organisation. 


In accordance with article 2.6.017 of the UCI regulations, in the event of a tie in the overall individual classification of the points classification, the following criteria will be applied until the tie is broken:


  1. Number of stage wins
  2. Final overall individual classification by time.



ARTICLE 9. Team classification


In accordance with article 2.6.016 of the UCI regulations, the team classification for the day will be calculated on the basis of the sum of the three best individual times of each team. In the event of a tie, the teams are separated by the sum of the places acquired by their three best placed riders on the stage. In the event that the position is still tied, the teams are separated by the placing of their best placed rider for the stage.


The overall team classification will be calculated on the basis of the sum of the three best individual times from each team in each stage ridden. In the event of a tie, the following criteria will be applied until the teams are separated:


  1. Number of first places in the daily team classifications
  2. Number of second places in the daily team classifications



In the event that the position is still tied, the teams are separated by the placing of their best placed rider in the overall individual classification.


Any team reduced to fewer than three riders will be eliminated from the overall team classification.     


ARTICLE 10. Time bonuses


Time bonuses (applied only to the overall individual classification) are awarded for the following stages:


2nd stage Tholen - Hoogerheide

3rd stage Buchten - Buchten

4th stage Hotel Verviers – La Gileppe (Jalhay)

5th stage Oss - Oss


They are awarded for intermediate sprints and the stage finish. The time bonuses are awarded as follows:


1°) For each intermediate sprint, 3, 2 and 1 seconds are awarded to the 3 first riders classified    respectively.


2°) At the stage finish (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th ), 10, 6 and 4 seconds are awarded to the first 3 riders   classified respectively.


ARTICLE 11. Summit finishes


For the purpose of the application of article 2.6.027 of the UCI regulations, the 4th stage have summit finishes.


ARTICLE 12. Time limits


The time limits vary depending on the nature of the stages and their degree of difficulty:


  • Flat stages: 10 % Stages 2nd and 5th
  • Mountain stages: 15 % Stages 3rd and 4th


Any exceptional situation is judged by the Commissaires’ Panel after consulting with the organisers.



ARTICLE 13. Individual time trial


During the prologue, the start order of the teams is set by the organisers by agreement with the Commissaries` Panel; each team will determine the starting order of its riders. The times ridden count for the overall individual classification. The order of arrival in the prologue is decisive for the division of the leader’s jerseys before the beginning of the 2nd stage.


ARTICLE 14. Last three kilometres

In case of a duly noted fall, puncture or mechanical incident, as referred to in article 2.6.027 of the UCI regulations, in the last three kilometres of a stage race, the rider or riders involved will be credited with the time of the rider or riders in whose company they were riding at the moment of the accident.
If , as a result of a duly noted fall in the last three kilometres, a rider cannot cross the finish line, he will be placed last in the stage and credited with the time of the rider or riders in whose company he was riding at the time of the accident.

This does not apply to the 4th stage.


ARTICLE 15. Caravan


Two services car is allowed for each team in the caravan. The neutral technical support is provided with 3 neutral cars by Shimano.


ARTICLE 16. Prize overview and special premiums


The following prize schedules apply in the STER ZLM TOER GP Jan van Heeswijk 2017:


     Prize schedules                                                Overall

     Individual                                                         individual

     per stage                                                         final classification


            1st stage           2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th stage            ZLM  verzekeringen                                                                                                                                               Yellow jersey

  1. € 1.490,00     €  3.060,00                               € 2.900,00
  2. € 728,00        €  1.548,00                               € 2.300,00
  3. € 370,00        €     760,00                               € 1.800,00
  4. € 185,00        €     385,00                               € 1.400,00
  5. € 154,00        €     314,00                               € 1.200,00
  6. € 115,00        €     225,00                               € 1.000,00
  7. € 115,00        €     225,00                               €    900,00
  8. € 79,00          €     152,00                               €    800,00
  9. € 79,00          €     152,00                               €    700,00
  10. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    580,00
  11. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    500,00
  12. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    450,00
  13. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    450,00
  14. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    425,00
  15. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    400,00
  16. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    350,00
  17. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    275,00
  18. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    275,00
  19. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    250,00
  20. € 38,00          €       76,00                              €    225,00


Day premiums

Wearer ZLM- yellow jersey:                                                       € 70 total:         € 350

Wearer PROVINCIE TRUI - red jersey:                                        € 70 total:         € 350

Wearer PIELS white jersey:                                                        € 70 total:         € 350

Wearer NEFKENS polka dot jersey:                                             € 70 total:         € 350

Wearer yellow caps Fila:                                                            € 50 total:         € 250


Final prizes other classifications

            Final classification red jersey:               Final classification white jersey:

  1. € 250          € 250
  2. € 175          € 175
  3. € 125          € 125


Final classification polka dot jersey:     Final classification team classification:

  1. € 250          € 300
  2. € 175          € 200
  3. € 125          € 115
  4. €  90
  5. €  45


TOTAL OF ALL PRIZES AND PREMIUMS                 € 55.591,00


ARTICLE 17. Anti-doping tests


The ANTI-doping tests take place at:

1st stage: Sportzaal, Molenwal 68, 4361 CG Westkapelle

2rd stage: Sportzaal MFC Kloosterhof, Huijbergseweg 3b, 4631 GC Hoogerheide

3rd stage: Health & Sports Paramedish Centrum, Dorpstraat 64, 6122 CC Buchten

4th stage: Route de La Gileppe, Jalhay

5th stage: Nelson Mandelaboulevard, 5342 CZ Oss

The UCI antidoping regulations are entirely applicable to the event.


ARTICLE 18. Official ceremony


The following riders must attend the official ceremony at the end of each stage: the first-placed rider of the stage, the leader of the overall classification and the leaders of the secondary classifications. If a rider leads in more than one classification, in the subsequent stage the leader’s jersey will be worn by the next classified rider of the classification concerned.

The wearers of the leader’s jerseys qualify for the price of the day that is connected to wearing the respective jerseys. Before the start of the next stage, the jersey wearers and the yellow cap wearers (the team that leads the overall team classification) are honoured.

The final ceremony of winners of the different classifications and also the number 2 and 3 of the general individual classification will be at gemeentehuis in Oss.


ARTICLE 19. Penalties


The penalties will be in line with the UCI regulations.



20a         Commissaries’ panel meetings will take place in halls made available by the organisation, which are stated in the technical guide.


20b         The medical care during the race is exclusively provided by the medical staff (Event Medical Service’) made available by the organisation.


20c         The riders must be present at the starting control 20 minutes at the latest before the official starting time (neutralised start in case of a ride in line) to sign the attendance list.


20d         All riders whose conducts en route or in localities are such that they give offence to the public order or morality (for example urinating during the race at places where there is public) will be fined by the race commissioners.


20e         The riders can throw away their trash and empty bottles before and after the supply zone. This is indicated by yellow signs.


20f         ADDITIONAL BONUS: the most combatitive rider in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th stage receives the “Wim Jeremiasse prize”.


20g         After the finish of the 5th stage changing rooms at the Nelson Mandelaboulevard 22, 5342 CZ Oss.


20h         The Stichting does not bear any responsibility for accidents or damage before, during or after the race, caused by licensed riders and followers.



          Sint-Michielsgestel, maart 2017.

Practical info

Perss location start & Press location finish

Westkapelle Herrijst
Markt 79
4361 AE Westkapelle
Open: 12:00 - 21:00
Pickup accreditations: 13:00 - 16:15

Start location & Finish location

Start: Markt westkapelle Finish: Abraham Calandple


Permanences / meetings list
Press locations list
Anti Doping test
Medical services
Announcements to the team managers




 Ster ZLM Toer 2017 – Geniet van onze mooie gemeente!

De  vijfdaagse Ster ZLM Toer start op woensdag 14 juni met een proloog van 7,5 kilometer in Westkapelle om vier dagen later in het Brabantse Oss te eindigen. Een koers waarin veel internationale topsprinters de krachten meten in aanloop naar de Tour de France. Vol trots heet ik alle deelnemers, supporters en de organisatie welkom voor de start van deze toer in de mooie gemeente Veere, waar Westkapelle deel van uit maakt.

Het grondgebied van de gemeente Veere beslaat een groot deel van de Walcherse kust. Deze kustlijn bestaat uit 28 kilometer strand en duinen en 6 kilometer zeedijk. Precies in het midden ligt Westkapelle.

De gemeente Veere heeft 13 kernen. Iedere kern heeft zijn eigen karakter qua woonomgeving en woonkwaliteit. Samen bepalen ze het DNA van de gemeente.

Op veel van onze stranden wappert de blauwe vlag: een bewijs voor uitstekende zwemwaterkwaliteit, reddings- en EHBO-posten en sanitaire voorzieningen. 

Enthousiaste fietsers- zowel wedstrijdrijders als recreanten -  waarderen de schoonheid van een tocht langs de zee. Van Neeltje Jans en de imposante Oosterscheldekering naar Vrouwenpolder. Langs Oostkapelle, via Domburg en Westkapelle naar Zoutelande en Koudekerke. En (bijna) altijd speelt de wind hier een rol!

Maar ook in het agrarische hart van de gemeente, met de kernen Serooskerke, Grijpskerke, Meliskerke, Aagtekerke, Biggekerke, Gapinge en Koudekerke kan goed gefietst worden! Deze kerkringdorpen zijn onderling verbonden door prachtige wegen die voeren door een gebied van verstilde schoonheid. 

Het stadje Veere ligt in het oosten aan het Veerse Meer en heeft een beschermd historisch stadsgezicht. Op het Veerse Meer kan naar hartenlust worden gezeild of gesurft.      

Topsport kan niet zonder fysiotherapie. Domburg is de oudste badplaats van Zeeland en de bakermat van de fysiotherapie.  Dr. Mezger, grondlegger van de moderne fysiotherapie startte hier zijn praktijk aan het eind van de 19de eeuw.

Op de weg van Domburg naar Westkapelle gaan de duinen over in een robuuste dijk. De dijk bij Westkapelle werd in 1470 aangelegd en is sinds 1988 op Deltahoogte. Deze dijk is al vaker onderdeel van kleine en grote wielerwedstrijden geweest. Met een venijnig klimmetje en de wind op de kop is het een uitdaging voor de wielrenners en genieten voor de toeschouwers!

De burgemeester van Veere

Fietsen: een oer Hollandse, Zeeuwse gewoonte. Je kan op eigen kracht gaan en je kan een waaier vormen zodat je elkaar een beetje uit de wind houdt. In deze waaier kan je je eigen identiteit behouden. Eigen kracht en gezamenlijk kracht daar draait het allemaal om zowel in een koers als de ZLM Ster Toer als in een samenleving, dorp en gemeente.

Ik wens alle deelnemers, het publiek en de organisatoren een spannende en vooral mooie en sportieve wedstrijd toe.


drs. R.J. van der Zwaag



 boomgaard                                            janse